5 Parts Of A Woman’s Body You Can’t Resist, No. 4 Is Like Juju

Have you ever asked yourself: which are the female body parts that excite and are loved by men? Yes, of course, when you think of this, the bum and boobs might be the first thing to pop in your hand. And yes, they are admired by men, but they are not the only parts that can make them crazy. There are many other female body parts that men love, so stay tuned and find out what they are.

If you are a man, start paying attention to the parts we will mention here, and if you already do, you will know what we are talking about when we are saying they are a turn on.

Here are some parts of a woman’s body that could charm the opposite sex:

1. Breast

Of course, we had to mention the breasts. As expected, boobs are truly the men’s favorite female body part, in most cases, at least.

2. Butt

Ah, the butt. If there is something that men look at, a lot actually, it is women’s butts. They do it all the time; when you catch a guy checking out someone, they look at her butt.

3. Lips

The lips are one of the parts of the female body parts that excite men the most, as it incites them to kiss. According to studies, male search in women’s lips for a combination of fullness, redness, and warmth, in summary, that they give a real receptivity sensation.

4. The cookie

If a woman shows you what is between her legs in its freshest state, it will take the highest form of discipline and resistance to turn her down.

5. Hip bones

Hip bones, hip bones, hip bones… I guess the only pair of bones that men can lust for. They are incredibly sexy and can turn on any men in no time. There is nothing better than feeling them whilst dancing, being intimate, or sleeping with your girl. And there is certainly no way to resist them when in sight, it is impossible.

Is there any other thing I have left out? Please point them out in the comment section.

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