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5 People Who Don’t Want Buhari To Succeed, No. 4 Is Very Close To Him

President Muhammadu Buhari is a man of many enemies. This is the life of most world leaders. It is hard to please everybody especially in a multicultural and multi-ethnic country like Nigeria.

The job before the president is a daunting one. These set of five people mentioned below want Buhari to fail at all costs and they will happily realize that ambition if given a chance.

They are listed and explained below:

(1) IPOB members:

Even if Buhari relocates to live in the South-east and allocate the entire budget to them, the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB will never love him. It is not about him but ethnicity. They are the major forces spreading fake news about his death. They are only loyal to their leader, Nnamdi Kanu who wants Buhari to fail woefully.

(2) PDP members:

Members of the main opposition party – People’s Democratic Party are core enemies of Buhari. They have nothing personal against him, they only want to occupy his position. Any act of failure by Buhari creates an opportunity for their party to take over. As you can see, they tend to release press statements against Buhari at moments of crises. They hardly commend him when he is on the right track.

(3) The Corrupt

Buhari’s war against corruption has shallowed several fat cows who have fed on the nation’s commonwealth. Many have been forced to go on exile while others are under prosecution. Most of them can’t enjoy their wealth as they used to. Some had to join Buhari’s party, All Progressives Congress for insurance against the probe. These high-profile thieves want Buhari to fail so that businesses can continue as usual.

(4) Fulani herdsmen:

Buhari is a Fulani man. The marauding Fulani herdsmen who are now regarded as ‘killer herdsmen or bandits’ are from his ethnic group. Buhari was once made their patron years ago. They might genuinely love Buhari but the grazing activities of their cattle across the country has caused more damage than good. They have contributed immensely to the hate and disapproval Buhari has incurred over the years.

(5) Boko Haram/Niger Delta militants:

These two groups mentioned above are deadly and should never be handled with kid gloves. Boko Haram doesn’t only want Buhari to fail, it also wants the entire country to collapse. They have ruined the reputation of this country as well as discouraging foreign investments. The Niger Delta militants are also dangerous. They have always strong-armed the government to do its bidding. They don’t believe in Buhari and wouldn’t mind if he fails as a leader.

Have I left any other major enemy of Buhari out? You can add to the list in the comment section and let us see how it goes.


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