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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Progress In Life As You Expected




Everybody have certain plans for their life. Most times we sit back and take into account how we are progressing in life. While for some they seem to get it together and are doing quite fine, others could be said to be stagnant or are struggling without meeting their life’s expectations. For the people struggling it could be for one reason or the other they have not been able to identify or do something about. It could appear that you are putting effort but you are not seeing result or you are not doing anything at all to help the situation. The truth is you cannot solve a problem you are not aware of. Many people don’t even know how to identify their problems and how to proffer solution to those problems. In this article, I will drag out 5 reasons why it appears someone is not making progress in their life as expected. Let’s see these 5 reasons.

1: You Are Afraid To Take Risks

Most people are so afraid to take risks. They mostly centre their mind on loosing than actually winning. You have a brilliant idea that could give up the breakthrough you are looking for but it is risky and you are scared it won’t turn out as expected. The truth is failure means you need to try again. Sometimes the next trial could be your breakthrough point. Most of the wealthy people we admire today are people who take risks all the time. That plan burning in your mind do something about it.





2: You Could Be In A Wrong Circle

Sometimes you are among the wrong circle of friends and you don’t even know it. There is no positive impact from the people you keep as company. No positive ideas, future plans, business plans, or strategic thinking. The people you keep as friends have huge influence on you, how you think, act, and subsequently how result oriented you will be. For productivity and good inspiration keep good friends.

3: You Want To Do Everything Yourself

This is a common factor with youths these days, they want to make it alone. There is no trust among friends when it comes to money and business. They cannot trust any with any idea, the feel they can make it just on there own. No man is a fountain of knowledge or an Island. Two head they say is better than one. You can join hands with a trusted friend and pursue a project instead of struggling alone. Where you are lacking the other person comes into play. You can find a trusted hand to do business with.

4: You Constantly Complain About Everything

We have people who complain a lot about everything today. They know how to shift blames. Blame the government, blame people for their mistakes and failures. They complain instead of finding new solution to the problems. Complaining about things doesn’t solve problems sometimes, if it does Nigeria problem could have been long gone. So instead of complaining look for ways to solve that problem.

5: You Have So Many Wishes But You Don’t Take Action

Most youths wish to be like Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Bola Tinubu, Femi Otedola at the same time. Forgetting that these men are billionaires in different profession. Many people make many wishes without chasing anyone. Until you take action and step out of your comfort zone, nothing significant will happen in your life. You should be able to desire something and work hard and smart for it. Remove all form of negativity from your mindset and set your mind towards your targeted goal.

Take action today about the aforementioned reasons and begin to see the much expected changes in your life. If this article has helped like and share.

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