5 Signs That She Loves You More Than Just A friend.

Most people develops feelings for their friends and do not tell them and that is why it is advised that if you have a friend you should try and be observing them to know when they start developing feelings for you. This is because they may not be bold to tell you.

We shall be discussing the signs you will notice from the female friend that loves you. Kindly follow our page for more articles.

  1. She will try to tell you in some language that is not clear. People will notice the signs even if you are blind to notice the signs that she is showing you.

  2. When she is in love with you, the way she will be talking to you will change. She will be showing you this as a sign because she cares and has feelings for you.

  3. She will want to impress you with her looks. Most times when a lady is in love with you, she will be trying to be in the best appearance just to please and attract you.

  4. When a girl loves and cherish you, she will always want to be around you. She will always want to be around you because you gives them joy and makes them happy. Women are loving creature that loves to be happy. Apart from the fact that she will want to be with you, she gets jealous whenever she sees you with another girl.

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