5 Signs That She Loves You And Wants To Be More Than Just A Friend

Relationships are unquestionably a wonderful thing in life. It’s been said that if you’re surrounded by people who love you, you’ll grow to be a better human being. Despite the fact that a relationship is wonderful, if you are unfortunate in choosing the wrong partner, life will be undoubtedly sour and difficult.

Despite the fact that friendship/relationship has traditionally been a step to marriage, most individuals currently prefer to marry their friends because they believe they know their friends better than a stranger.


It has been discovered that when someone or probably your friend is interested in dating you, he or she will show you some signs. We’ll go over the signs you might see from a female friend who loves you. Please kindly click the follow button for more interesting information.

  1. She’ll start acting strangely

When a female friend begins to love you, she can no longer act in the same way she did before she fell in love with you. Because she has fallen for you, she will start acting strangely.

  1. If a female friend is in love with you, she may ask you a lot of personal questions.

  2. She will improve her appearance solely to make herself more appealing to you.

  3. A girl who loves and values you will want to be closer to you. She’ll be curious about your future goals.

  4. She will start flirting with you.

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