5 Signs That You are Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes That You Probably Do Not Know.

Type-2 diabetes according to FACT on Twitter has the following signs.

1 frequent urination: Anybody suffering from type-2 diabetes urinates frequently due to excess of sugar in the blood and this leads to the kidney being bathed with water. The kidney reacts to the sugar by pumping out the water from the blood, which is stored in bladder and excretes out in form of urine.

  1. Increased thirst: One suffering from type-2 diabetes needs water more than normal due to glucose in the blood which needs to be diluted. The reduction of water from the blood makes one thirsty.

  2. Unexpected loss of weight: This is because, blood sugar cannot reach the organs properly. This makes one to be hungry and thirsty always. If a fat person suddenly becomes thin without any exercise, then something is wrong.

  3. Constant fatigue: A type-2 diabetes patient is always tired, this is because the energy that is supposed to be derived from meal is not properly distributed in the body.

5.. Blurry vision: This is the inability of the eyes to focus an image well, this because when the glucose in the blood is diluted, there will be more fluid in the system which goes out in form of urine and sometimes going to the eyes in the form of tears. This brings about blurry vision.

When you experience these or any of your relatives experience these, you should know what to do.

I believe this helps.

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