5 Tests Women Make Men Go Through Before They Accept Them As Their Boyfriend

It is not easy to toast a girl and she will agree to date you right away. Most women play hard to get, this is the reason why men find it difficult to date them. In this article, I shall reveal to you five tests Women Make men go through before they accept them as their man.

  1. She doesn’t text you first each time you are charting with her. Some women would ignore your text message and reply them after two days.

  2. She moves with other guy and this is because she wants to know if you really like her. Some men give up when they see women act in this way.

  3. She doesn’t allow you to touch her soon, this is because she doesn’t want you yo think she is cheap and easy to get. Most times, women think that men are only interested in their body, once they get what they want they leave them.

  4. Even when she is not in need, she would ask your for help, this is because she wants to know if you would be capable of helping her when she is in need.

  5. A times she would not pay attention to you. She would restrict the way she looks or stare at you.

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