5 Things That Can Make A Girl Easily Develop Feelings For You

Have you ever tried winning a girl’s heart before and you didn’t succeed? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely missing out. But don’t worry, in this article you will see simple ways of winning over a girl’s heart.

Spending money on a girl does not necessarily mean she will fall in love – she might fall in love with the money but not the giver. Here are 5 simple ways a girl’s heart.

  1. Be her friend

If you want to a girl to constantly think of you, you need to be her friend first. You need to be someone she can trust and someone she can be free with. Some men are not friendly, they just go straight to asking the girl out even without being familiar with her.


  1. Make her laugh often

They say a funny man is an attractive man. Yes it’s true, women easily fall in love with men that make them laugh.

Don’t always be a serious man all the time. Make joke out of little things and before you know it, the attraction will spark.

  1. Compliment her

Well, everyone loves compliment. If you truly want to make a girl love you, you can’t do without compliment. When you compliment a girl, it makes her feel good about herself and she starts developing feelings for you. Compliment will also make her feel comfortable around you and she will like spending more time with you.

Always try to let her know how beautiful she is. If she wear a new dress, tell her how beautiful the dress is. When she has a new hair style, also let her know that her hair is beautiful.

Compliment is not just about looks, also tell her how intelligent or how hardworking she is and she will never forget you.

  1. Buy her gifts

Buy her gifts and presents from time to time she will start savouring feelings for you.

  1. Be a busy man

The fact that you want a girl does not mean you should spend all your time talking to her. If you are always too available, you may lose value so try as much as possible to keep yourself busy with other things.

These are some of the proven methods of making a girl fall in love. Giving a girl money is not always the solution. Try these methods and before you know it, she will fall head over hills for you.

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