“5 Things That Keep A Woman Attracted To You.”- Pastor Mrs Beauty Akpai

It is true that everybody want to feel loved but it’s obvious that some times people who struggle to win a lady’s heart don’t really succeed because they failed to apply the right principles.

In this article, I will be sharing with all men on certain things that keep her attracted to you. It is more easier to attract a man than a woman. There are lots of marriages and relationship today who are suffering from different kinds of things probably because of ignorance of the man or woman.


Here Are Things You Should Do To Keep Her Attracted To You.

1# Sense Of Humor.

Many guys think that what ladies need from them is money alone. This is not true because every responsible woman love a man who will make her happy always. What I mean my sense of humor is that “Smile” most women love and can easily be attracted to any man who smile all the time. It is bad these days that some guys are too serious with life to the point that they don’t have single time for their spouse. If you want to keep her attracted to yourself then you must be ready to make fun in order to make her laugh.


2# Communication.

If you are a man that is good with your words you can easily make a girl fall in love with you. Women in their nature are after things that will be keeping them busy. If you are a boring boyfriend or husband you can never attract any woman of your choice. According to research, women speak over seven thousand words a day why men speak over two thousand per day. Every woman love a man whose words are calm and interesting.

3# Be Romantic.

It is obvious that some men don’t know how to Romance their wife or boyfriend. Like I told you before, women’s nature is so cool that can magnet the body of the opposite sex. If you are romantic enough your chance of getting her attracted to you becomes high. The bible said “husband love your wife for this is the first commandment given to you.” the reason God said you should love her is because he know how they feel when you show them the love which they deserved.

4# A Good Sense Of Leadership.

Some men are only giving their woman sleepless night because of their ignorance. As a man you must learn how to lead your family because it’s really contributes to what I am saying.

5# Be Clean Always.

No woman love to be with dirty man who can not take his bath two times a day. If you want to attract any girl start taking good care of your body. Women love men who is always smelling good and they can fall in love with such man.

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