“5 THings You Should Know When You Get Married.”- Apostle Johnson Suleman

When you are married, understand that God give you a partner to help you, God will never give you a perfect woman or man because he want you to do a specific assignment for him there. Stop complaining about the character of your husband or wife because the reason why you married him is to change him for good. They are some unhealthy excuses which a lot of married couple are giving today which is seriously affecting their peace and blessing in marriage.

If you want your wife to have shape and attractive structure then start taking responsibility. It is your duty to make your woman look more beautiful. Ladies stop complaining whenever you see your husband going after other women because you refused to do what is required of you. I strongly advised you to dress properly so that you can look more attractive to your husband. This is one of major reasons why many families are not in good terms.


Anything you like in somebody endeavor to transfer it to your partner to avoid commiting adultery and lust. If I were a woman, there is no body that can collect my man from me because I know how to arrest his heart.

Another point is that, “Look for a topic that your husband love very well and start telling him story about it.” the same thing is applicable to men also. You have to know what your partner like doing and involve yourself in them too.

Understanding is very important in every married family. Lack of understanding is very bad because it can cause a lot of damages to your home.


Don’t argue with your spouse so much, this particularly is for ladies that love to argue with their husband.

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