5 Things Some Ladies Do To Know If A Guy Truly Loves Them




Ladies like to test a guy just to know if that guy truly loves them before they can accept to go on a date with them or be in a relationship with them.

In this article, I will be mentioning somethings ladies do to know if a guy truly loves them.

1 Lukewarm attitude





Lukewarm which is also referred to as mode swing is one method ladies use to test a guy. A girl can be nice to you today, but the next day she will change her attitude towards you.

They do this to guys they have dated for a long time but would want to know if that guy still had feelings for them.

2 They fail to show up on a date

Because they want to test a man’s level of patience and love he has for them, some ladies will do to the extent of failing to come on a date they have agreed to come just to see how the man will react to their absence.

3 They will observe if the guy is a person that listens

Ladies like talking about themselves and many other things to the guy they are dating. So to text their man, they will monitor him whenever they are talking to see if he is someone that pays attention to whatever they are saying this is because it has been observed that generally guys hardly pay attention to what a girl is saying only if she is someone they like, so that is why girls use this method to know if the guy loves them.

4 If the guy will defend her in public

Some ladies deliberately misbehave in public just to see if their partner will defend their behavior or not. When their partner doesn’t defend them, that will make them know he doesn’t live them.

5 If the guy will support her dreams

Ladies want their guy to support them in whatever dreams they have that’s why they will start telling their guy about their dream to see if he will support them or not. When their guy doesn’t support them, they will conclude that he doesn’t love them.

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