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5 Things You Must Stop Doing When You Go To Use An ATM.

The automated teller machine commonly referred to as the ‘ATM’ is an electronic machine that is used mainly for dispensing cash. However, it can be used to perform some bank transactions such as fund transfers, deposits, bills payments, account information enquiry, e.t.c.

Almost all Nigerians make use of the ATM to withdraw cash. Whenever they are in need of cash, they rush to the ATM to withdraw some money.

However, there is the need to be security conscious when going to use an ATM. The crime rate in Nigeria is very high. Stories of robbery cases have been heard especially after using an ATM. Not everyone you see on an ATM queue actually wants to withdraw money. Some are there scanning for vulnerable people to attack. So, in other not to be a victim, you have to be security conscious.

Here are 5 things you must stop doing when you go to use an ATM if you don’t want to endanger your life:

  1. Stop Wearing Expensive Clothes Or Accessories When Going To Use An ATM:

Have you heard this before? If not, you should be thankful you are hearing it now. Like I said earlier, not everyone who stands on an ATM queue is genuine. Some are only there to look at for vulnerable people. Some are informants of robbers and kidnappers.

When you wear expensive clothes and expensive accessories such as wrist watches, shoes, bags, e.t.c, when going to use an ATM, it gives people a very high impression about you. They instantly believe you are a very rich person and would have millions in your account. This makes you prone to robbery attacks, kidnapping or other fraudulent activities.

Next time, when you are going to use an ATM, just dress simple. You don’t need to announce to the whole world how rich you are by your dressing. Be modest. Dress simple and you wouldn’t create any form of unnecessary attention.

  1. Stop Showcasing The Money You Withdrew:

Most Nigerians are so guilty of this. They showcase the money they withdraw to the public. Some funny Nigerians even go to the extent of counting the money withdrawn from the ATM. Nigerians don’t just trust anything, not even a machine. It sounds so funny right?

When the money comes out from the ATM outlet, nobody is expected to see the money except you. Immediately it comes out, it should go straight into your bag or your purse. You don’t need to wait till you get to the gate of the bank before you put it in your bag. Immediately the ATM dispenses the cash to you, you should keep it instantly and properly in your bag and purse.

Counting your money in an ATM stand openly is just an invitation for trouble. Please, be wise and act wise.

  1. Stop Writing Your Pin At The Back of Your Card Or In A Paper:

Some daft Nigerians go to the extent of writing their pin at the back of their card. Well, I wouldn’t blame some of them. Some of them are old people and may not be able to memorise. However, you should be able to memorise your ATM pin irrespective of your age.

You could pick any familiar numbers and use. For example, you could use your date of birth and interswitch the numbers. For instance, if you were born in 1980, you can make your ATM pin 0891 (reversed) or re-arrange it in any format you could easily remember. You can also use any special year as your pin such as the year you got married or the year you gave birth to one of your children. When you use this, you can easily remember your ATM pin and don’t need to start writing it somewhere before using an ATM.

Just imagine if you had written your ATM pin at the back of your card and you misplace this card let’s say in a commercial bus. What happens? A person can just steal the card and have access to your money. What if you wrote your ATM pin on a paper and you kept it in your bag or purse and your bag or purse gets missing or snatched? Think about it. So, you see why it is necessary to memorise your ATM pin.

  1. Stop Being In A Hurry When You Go To Use An ATM:

A lot of people do this actually. They just want to use an ATM and leave there as soon as possible. I remember an incident a friend of mine narrated me. He said he went to use an ATM in his school and forgot to remove his card. He was actually in a hurry when he went there. He didn’t even press the cancel button on the machine. He just left there. Few minutes later, he started receiving debit alerts. Unfortunately for him, his school fees was in the account. That was how he lost all his money meant for his school fees. He immediately went to the bank to lay a complain. But before he got there, all his money had gone.

So, we must always be patient whenever we go to use an ATM so we don’t make costly mistakes. Don’t feel pressured by the crowd or anything else. Relax, use the ATM and ensure that everything is in place before you leave there. Ensure you have removed your card and have pressed the cancel button. Pressing the cancel button helps to clear all data.

  1. Stop Asking For Help Or Giving People Your Card:

I remember there was this day I went to use an ATM and this woman came to meet me to help her withdraw. She was probably in her late 50’s. She gave me her card and gave me her pin. She asked me to help her withdraw five thousand naira. If I was a bad person, I should have done something fraudulent. But thank goodness I didn’t do anything of sort.

On another occasion, it was a young lady that asked for my help. From my experience, I have found out that some Nigerians ask for help at at the ATM stand. Not all Nigerians can actually make use of the ATM.

However, using an ATM isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is to slot in the card and eneter your details. The direction for sloting in your card is illustrated on the card itself with an arrow.

People should stop asking for help when they go to use an ATM. If you are having issues withdrawing, never give your card and pin to someone. You should contact your bank if you have serious issues. If you don’t know how to withdraw, ask a staff in the bank which may even be a security officer to teach you. Don’t ask any random person to help you. You don’t know who is who. Be wise. There are lot of fraudulent people out there. This is Nigeria where the crime rate is seriously high.

I hope we’ve learnt something new today. We have to be very careful in this country. Please, If you are guilty of any of the above things, it’s better you stop doing it now before you make a costly mistake. Let us act wise. In essence, never be in a hurry when using the ATM. Never wear expensive clothes when going to use an ATM. Never give your card to any random person. Never write your pin on a paper or at the back of your card. Stop counting your money in public.

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