5 Things That You Should Never Do While Kissing

Kissing is like art and some people are good at it while others not so much. There is however a way to always better yourself .All you need is a few tips and a little practice and you are good to go. In this article I am going to give you a few tips on how to give your partner the best kiss of their life and make them crave for more by telling you about things that you should never do even if you want to.

First of all you have to avoid using a lot of saliva.It is a kiss not saliva exchange so do not overdo it.Secondly, avoid using teeth while kissing your partner. It is very great if you bite their lips a little bit but never use teeth while kissing . Thirdly, you should consider what your partner likes.

If they do not like too much tongue then do not use too much of it. Some people prefer the French kiss while others just a light kiss with minimum amount of tongue. The fourth thing that you should avoid is bad breath while kissing. It is very obvious that you should not kiss anyone when you have not flossed. Lastly, you should never kiss someone when you have dry lips. Moisturise your lips and keep them soft when kissing someone.

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