5 Things Women Love But Won’t Tell You

I have come to discover that women are so secretive than you can think.

And once you don’t do what they love…they would take you for granted.

So,if you are reading this article now…that gives you the ability and full knowledge to know what women loves but won’t let you know.

Here I would give you 5 things Women you very but won’t tell you.


  1. To Talk: Women is in their nature to talk …some people go to the extent of calling them parrot. If you are having conversation…give her the time to talk ..even if she is talking rubbish….just listen to her.

2.Going out: women is in their blood to move out…if not visiting their friends…it means get be their relationship…so don’t deprive them of going out.most especially occasion.

  1. Good Dress: if you are a husband to your wife and you look good…she would always want to take you out….but if you dress bad…she won’t want to go out with you.

4.caring: women enjoy you to pamper them more than a baby…but won’t tell you because she needs to know how serious you are.

5.doing something: women enjoys seeing you doing something rather than staying idle…if not you would be their enemies.

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Women…hope I said the truth…let’s hear your views…ALSO PLEASE SHARE

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