5 Things Women Want From A Man But They Are Always Shy To Say It

There is no matter how a woman can be bold and courageous, there are some things she will still find hard to say. It is either she doesn’t know how to put it or she shy of saying it.

To some people, they believe it is impossible to satisfy a woman and that is because they don’t understand them. Once you understand a woman, you will know what she wants and what her desires are.

There are some things women want from a man but they are always shy to say it, but as a man, you need to know these things and make sure you do more of it. By doing so, you will win your woman’s heart and she will see more reasons to love you more.

Below are 5 things women want from a man but they are always shy to say it.

  1. They want you to support and give them chance to decide on their own.

We all know that the man is the head of the house and nothing should stop the woman from obeying and complying with the words of her husband. But, the man should also be considerate and allow his woman to decide on her own sometimes. As a man, don’t just make every decision, try to inform your wife and sometimes, support and give her the chance to decide on her own. This is one of the things women want from a man and they will be glad if you could do it.

  1. They want you to love them and never cheat on them.

This is one of the things women want from a man but they are always shy to say it. You will hardly hear from your woman that you shouldn’t cheat and love her more. As a man, you should know this and make sure you don’t cheat on your woman no matter what. Temptations will come, but you shouldn’t fall for it and you should keep the urge to stay loyal to your woman intact. Never for once should you consider cheating on your woman if you want her to cherish you more.

  1. They want you to compliment, appreciate and praise them.

As a man, you should always admire your wife all the time. Tell her how gorgeous, amazing and beautiful at heart she is. That alone can make her feel special and even love you more.

Also, you should appreciate her and praise her now and then. Your woman wants this, and you shouldn’t hesitate to do it for her.

  1. They want you to hold hands together in public.

  2. They want you to be less secretive and open-minded with them.

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