5 Things Yousef Said During His New Interview Few Days After He Got Evicted From BBNaija


Earlier, before now, Yousef made it known to Ebuka that he is open to finding love in the Big Brother House.

  1. When Yousef was asked if there is any lady in the Big Brother house that is close to what he was looking for, he replied by saying it would have been Jackie B, but she is a strong woman who was not ready for any relationship, and he didn’t want to pressure her because forcing a relationship is not going to be true, and it has to be both parties involved.

  2. Yousef made it known that he was attracted to Saskay, but she wasn’t giving the needed vibe.

  3. Yousef made it known that he loves Angel’s vibe and that she has a personality of a fun girlfriend. He went ahead by saying that, Angel told him that she does not like him romantically.

  4. When he was asked how he feels because his team usually win most of their tasks, he said that it makes him feel happy because he believes in teamwork.

  5. When Yousef was asked how much he made, he said around 4.7 million Naira.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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