5 Types Of Women You Should Avoid Dating

Choosing a pretty lady to date sometimes turns out to be an uphill task to do, this is because of a good number of women who are usually not ready to settle in a relationship.The following are types of women you should avoid dating.

1.The insecure woman.
Almost every woman tends to be a little afraid about her man getting allured into love by other women, which is pretty acceptable.However some women’s level of insecurity is very astounding.An insecure woman will always want reassurance that you will be with her till the end of time even when there is nothing fishy with how you relates with her.

2.The manipulative woman.
She comes in diverse ways.Most common as the sweet lady or the bossy one.There are also manipulators who switch their lifestyle to suit their needs.A manipulative woman can compell a man to do things by first working on his moral compass or emotional state.This type of woman will use her position as a man’s beloved to coerce him into taking steps that will only favour her.A manipulative woman is also an emotional and psychological abuser who sometimes may sought to physical abuse and use of insults.She will also tend to control the man’s life to be in accordance with her choices.

3.The angry woman.
This is by no means condemning anger.Anger is emotional and natural to both man and some other animals.It is normal for a person to get angry but it becomes a problem when anger controls her life.A woman who gets provoked habitually at the slightest provocation is nothing but an angry woman.She doesn’t see anything abnormal flaring up in a fit of anger which eventually leads to violence, exposing both the woman and man’s life to big risk.

4.The emotional baggage carrier.
Every relationship has it’s own uniqueness, there is pretty tough times that accompany a relationship that can lead to a bitter end.The impact of that end leaves the affected person with scars and memories that are so difficult to get over with.It is therefore important for one to sort out their feelings to a considerable level before venturing into another relationship.A woman who has had a series of difficult relationship is presumably at high risk of carrying an emotional baggage that will be uncomfortable weight on her partner.

5.The cheating woman.
A woman who is fond of seeking pleasure gratification from someone outside her significant other is nothing but a cheat.Cheating is inexcusable, whether it is in form of harmless flirtatious chats or outright sexual encounter.You should show her the exit especially if she habitually justifies her actions without remorse from living a promiscuous life.


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