5 Ways To Cut Harmful People Away From Your Life

Here are 5 ways to cut harmful people Away from your life:

  1. Call their attention.

You can cut harmful people from your life by calling their attention. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, they don’t know you find them toxic, or they don’t realise they are poisonous, so it’s best if you confront them. No, you shouldn’t start by saying “You are toxic”, but you need to specify what’s bothering you.

For example, you find them harmful because they did nothing but whine about their job. Tell them that their everyday rant negatively affects you and your zest for your job. You might want to end with a piece of advice that if they really find nothing right with their job, they might as well resign. By making this confrontation, you can possibly end their toxicity.

  1. Drop the conversation.

Another way of cutting them from your life is by dropping the conversation when they start one. If they talk to you while you are working, tell them you are busy and show them you are working. Respond with conversation enders or remarks that show disinterest like “Oh, okay” or “I already know that. You just told me a while ago”. In this way, you can prevent them from ruining your day with their toxicity.


  1. Ignore them.

You can also prevent them from talking to you by wearing your headset. Remember that music is there to transport you to another world where toxic people do not exist. Wear those earphones. In this way, no matter what they say, you won’t hear them. Using your headset is also an effective way to say “I do not want to be disturbed, so please stay away” without uttering a word.

  1. Don’t give them the opportunity to talk to you personally.

If you can refrain from talking to them in person completely, do so. Why should you speak to them in the first place? You need to trace the reason for the need to communicate first so you can devise ways on how you can avoid having conversations with the toxic people.

For example, if the toxic ones are your workmates, and your tasks are highly related to theirs, you can communicate via e-mail, or you can just leave a note. By doing so, you can prevent them from opening unnecessary topics that are not related to the task at hand.

  1. Disconnect with them in social media.

Cut your ties with them even virtually. If they keep on bugging you even online, block them from your accounts. Social media paved the way for people to communicate easily with each other. It’s a good thing they did the same with preventing people from contacting you. You can block their accounts, and you can also avoid seeing their messages.

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