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5 Ways To Identify A Lazy Nigerian Youth


In one of his trips to the United Kingdom, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari declared that Nigerian youths are lazy. This statement sparked a whole lot of controversies as youth leaders, individual youths and the social media went agog criticizing such statement as “unpresidential” for a president.

Some argued that Nigerian youths are not lazy and are actually the most industrious and hardworking people in Africa and the world at large but on the contrary, Nigerian Youths are actually lazy. The president was not wrong declaring the youths are less industrious with a “get rich quick” syndrome mentality.

However, though we do not know what was on the president’s mind when he made such statement, but what he actually meant will be explained in this article.

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There are five ways to identify a lazy Nigerian youth:

  1. They are usually with a “get rich quick” syndrome. A lazy Nigerian youth is always keen to make it quick, get riches, buy flashy cars, move with the gang, drink and spray money. They are never ready to work hard or sweat to make a living. That is why most of Nigerian youths engage in betting, lotto, ponzi scheme, fraud like “yahoo yahoo”, etc.

2 . Most Nigerian youths are always keen to leave the country. Always looking for a greener pasture in foreign countries and due to the hardship in such countries, they end up doing hard drugs, trafficking, and they eventually end up in prison.

  1. Another way to identify a lazy Nigerian youth is that they are always lazy when it comes to the issue of governance in Nigeria. They do not care about how a particular policy affects their well being and life. They are always after other pleasures with entertainment, football, etc. Today, Nigerian youths have no idea about the effect of inflation or can fully explain what “Interest Rate” is all about.

  2. What a Lazy Nigerian youth want is only leisure and do not take education as a paramount responsibility for self growth and development. That is why there is a great percentage of people in Nigeria that have no formal education. They all want to be MARLIANS!

  3. Most Nigerian youths are not thinkers. They are always eager to go for ready made things instead of thinking for themselves, independently. In recent times, the average Nigerian youth can pay someone to write a test or examination for them or write an article or think for them. This is what I regard as “Communal thinking” where we allow family or the society to think for us instead of doing it ourselves.

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These are the problems with the Nigerian youths and it is believed they will steer away from this hideous and un-honourable way of life because the youths are the pillar of any society.

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