After 5-Years Of Marriage, My Husband Can’t Satisfy Me In Bed, I Need Good Sex


Hello Editor,

Please hide my identity and share my story with MORE Tribers. I really need advise before i go crazy.
Please, how do you handle a man who for 5-years in marriage and has refused to know what works for you during sex that I have to masturbate after sex which he is aware of. He would always cum before me. I tried on different occasions for us to discuss our sex life but he bluntly refused or talk about it. Like no communication.

He doesn’t give head but he always wants me to give him a blow job which i do. He lies so much and believes sex is for just the man (I guess). I Married him a virgin and we did not court and I never tried having sex because we were told premarital sex is a sin. Baba will always use mouth and text message to pull the walls of Jericho down before marriage and I was thinking this was it and I was going to explore but I didn’t know I was going in for a long thing.

I’m 27 and he is 43. He isn’t even there for me financially and emotionally seems like I’m always the one all over him. My parents choose him I didn’t yet he cheats and sometimes I wonder how he sleep with Dem girls. If not that I earn and take care of myself, I wonder how ugly I will be looking.
Some might say maybe I’m not attractive but I am.

We have two lovely kids together and sometimes I just say to myself I can’t do this no more but people will say how can you Leave your husband because of sex. This is not what I anticipated.

Recently I am pushed to getting a man who can take care of my needs especially sexually but fear of God will not let me. I got sex toy but it’s so not doing anything as I can’t feel it.
So how can I be loosing in all ramification like this?

Is it possible to just waste like this and not know what sex is all about. Please I need advise


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