I Am 52 Years Old And Young Boys Keep Coming For My Cake

The problem with many women who are growing up is that they neglect themself and no longer take care of themselves as they grow up. but not me.I.make sure that I look the part always when I’m going out and even in my house and always clean and look the part.

This is the reason why young boys Keep. coming after me because I take care of myself. and the only reason why they come after me is that They only want one thing that every man is looking for and I give them cake and tea when they came and I tell them to invite there father and another friend to come to eat cake

It seems. like they understood my preferences. but I told them that they will never get anything from me. I know my values and I know what I want. I will keep on having affairs with boys young enough to become my children. I won’t judge those who are not doing that, because everyone has a reason why they do what they do


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