I Am 56-Years-Old But Young Boys Are Attracted To Me See Why And What She Advices.

Everyone thinks life is perfect so as love but when it come to love it’s worst when you are being lied to or you are been cheated on, it can make relationships go scatter, it can even bring issues that can lead to suicide.

A lot of people in the world today face such problems of heart breaks , and it’s the biggest thing people worry about in a relationship, and some people don’t really say much about the issue they passed through while in a relationship.

also a lot pretend and chose to smile why in a relationship that has problems, yet there pretend everything is fine and perfect when it’s not.

We definitely argue everyday but social media is here to help you because it has turned into a place where people in issues seek for therapists. Or maybe just a shoulder to cry on or opinions to make a next move.


just a little question, honestly how often do you open up and talk about your problems and failing feathers on social media? Maybe probably you haven’t because you are afraid and scared that people might laugh at you, because social media is a place where millions see what’s happening.

You shouldn’t be especially ladies, you can go ahead share your problems on the media because a lot of people would listen toy you and give you a better solution and motivations.

now this article is about a 56-year-old lady, at the point and level of being called a mom, whom stated that young guys are attracted to her. However she said that she will teach and show how she handled them.

she said “yes I’m pretty and great, maybe that’s why they are attracted to me, but in my point of view and greatest opinion, it’s not good at all avoid that from happening to you because it destroys relationship”.

she advised that nobody should take that risk unless the person is not ready to settle down.

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Honestly speaking put your self in her shoes will you give out such advice??

what would you like to say to her?.

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