He Was 58 Years Old While I Was 20 Years Old When He Married Me & We Are Living Happily

Love is nice and fascinating, something about which certain people can’t wait. A young lady reveals her story about how she met her husband when she left for a work interview seven years ago. She posted her husband’s way of living after they married and her love life on Facebook so far.

According to the young woman, as she went for a work interview, she said it began seven years ago. As she waited for her turn to be interviewed, she sat quietly in a chair waiting for a book, which she read. It was simply the book which began their love life.

The man came to her and asked him if someone had taken up part of her seat. But she said no, the guy sat and they began chatting about a lot.

She said he was really pleased with her and made her laugh too, as he has done so far. She claimed he was then fifty years old because she was just twenty years old. Before leaving, though, he asked for her telephone number that she gave him. So love Nwantinti begins and they live happily until today.


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