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6 Days After The Zabarmari Attacks, Governor Zulum Makes Critical Decision To Ends Boko Haram

As the insecurity challenges in Nigeria keeps increasing day by day most especially in Borno state, the executive governor of the state, Prof Babagana Zulum welcomed General Salt Mohammadou who I the commander of the 4th region o cameroonian who led the military delegations to Maiduguri on Thursday, 3rd December 2020.

The governor who is tired of the way his people are dying and federal government are not ready to hear his cry, he has decided to try other way round just to restore peace back to the state. The state which is known as the center of peace has changed to center of war by some terrorists who don’t like peace.

Governor Babagana Zulum invited the Commander Mohammadou over to the state’s government house to share critical experiences on how to put an end to end the bandits in Borno state and as well as approving on the existing collaboration with the Cameroon Governrnment on the issue. On his arrival, the commander first noted how the governor has helped the nation of Lake Chad to fight against the Insurgency in their country. Zabarmari: This is who to hold responsible for terrorism in Nigeria – PDP releases bomshell allegation Mohammadou recalled that the Borno governor’s efforts help to establish military operations in the region which in turn created a conducive environment for the return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) whose lives have been affected by organised violent crimes.

Prof Babagana welcomes the Cameroonian military delegates to his officer to improve collaboration in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents. However, the Borno state government also acknowledged the facts that the stronger the bond between both nation’s is the key at this critical time. According to the governor’s speech on welcoming the foreign military personnel, he said “Most of our people share the same tradition and culture. Though the insecurity has affected all the countries in the Lake Chad region, all our economies were affected. Therefore, there is need for us to come together and fight this insurgency.”

“The issue of trans border trade is very important, all of us know Banki. We are doing everything possible to reopen Banki market, we are planning to reopen Bama-Banki road. Let us support the security architectures so that we can ensure free movement of our people,” he ended his speech.

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