6 Easy Steps To Make A Lady Love You (Opinion)

Love is a strong feeling of attraction towards someone which can make a person vulnerable when the person is away.

1.Let her find companion in you:be very opened to her, respect her decisions don’t be to harsh or to calm either, be her man be strong to heip her when she is down. When a lady find a friend in you she will always be connected to you and will never want to live you for another.

2.Have a good sense of humor:be a man that have feelings for others don’t be to wicked to other people, be close to her become a good lover by taking care of her needs, and show her love by taking her out to amusement places and have fun.

3.Be good in bed:a man should be able to sex a lady well so that she will be able to miss you when you are not around. Give her good sex when you both are in need of sex, don’t force her when she don’t want to have it live her and she will come back begging for the sex she rejected.

4.Be smart and calm:a smart and calm men are most at times loved by a woman be a man that can solve problems and not shy away from duties. Be calm in carrying out activities, don’t be to proud of yourself around her.

5.Buy for her gifts occasionally:be able to buy for her important gifts occasionally to make her happy. Because ladies always like good and new things. The gifts should not be frequent but occasionally.

6.Be a romantic man:don’t be to calm around her, be able to touch her and make her feel like a woman, only do this if she accepts.

Do this and be loved by your woman.

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