6 Magnificent Ways To Get Your Partner In The Mood

  1. Shower Him/Her.

With affection, obviously, but literally as well. Hop in unexpectedly when he’s washing off and things will get steamy in no time.

  1. Seduce Him/Her

Start the morning off with a little unsolicited mouth action. The only thing a guy/lady likes more than that is not having to ask for it

  1. Put on a Steamy Video.

He/she probably watching it anyway to get himself/herself in the mood, but it’ll turn him/her on even more if you watch it with him/her. Just make sure it’s in his preferred genre, and nothing too far out of your wheelhouse, unless you are in the mood to try something new. And then, by all means…

  1. Take His/Her Hand.

Hand holding is sweet, but it’s probably not going to give him those sensations down below. Grab his hand and put it on the spot he/she likes best… legs, chest, backside… He/she already told you a million times what parts of you he/she most enjoys, so gently guide his hands there.

  1. Show off the Goods.

If subtlety is your thing, throw on his old t-shirt with nothing under it. If you’re a little more brazen, just walk around the house with no clothes on. It won’t take long before he’s chasing you into bed. Get Your Partner In The Mood

  1. Talk Naughty.

While you’re watching TV and telling each other about your days, slip some naughty talk into the conversation. Tell him/her how so-and-so who he/she doesn’t know was out sick today so you had to cover for them, and then pique his interest by nonchalantly mentioning how you want him to slam you up against the wall. It might take his mind a few seconds to catch up, but his body will instantly snap into action. Get Your Partner In The Mood


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