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“For 6 Month She Hasn’t Seen Her Dad And You Think She Isn’t Strong” – Nigerian Lady Says

Today we remember our gallant soldiers who put their life’s on the line to make sure we have security Thank you for your sacrifice.

The president of Nigeria in the person of Muhammed Buhari as declared today as the world Armed force remember the day, which is a set-aside to remember the strong soldiers that died at the battle front.

A lot of people often think that the soldiers are the only people to be celebrated, some even think the soldiers are the only set of people that are strong, what about the Wife the soldier left behind, what about the children the soldier’s left behind, this is the people who need to be celebrated.

A Nigerian lady identified as “Alarima Blessing“ shared a tweet that was very touching she shared

“For 6month she hasn’t seen her Dad and you think she isn’t strong. My baby is strong ooo. Having soldiers has parent To our falling heroes, we will always remember you“


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