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6 Places In Jos Dominated By ‘Runs Girls’

Jos is the capital city of Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. It is often referred to as home of peace and tourism, thereby making it a travel destination for many. Just like most major cities across the country, Jos has the ever presence of hookers located in strategic locations across the City.

Though ‘runs girls’ are often labelled as bad people by our society, they still have their importance as they help visitors especially the in quenching their sexual urge.

In this article, we shall be featuring 6 places in Jos city dominated by hookers or ‘runs girls’ as they are popularly called.

(1) Pleasure Inn.

This place is located in Shendam street, Jos North. It has many beautiful hookers plying their trade here.

You can get laid here with as low as #500 in this place.

(2) Mandela Guest inn.

This place is located in Nassarawa Gwom area of Jos. Hookers in this place are mostly TIV and Idoma.

Price starts from #1000 in this place, but can be reduced if the customer is a regular.

(3) Piye Hotel.

This place is located in West Of Mines area and houses some of the most beautiful hookers in Jos.

You can get laid with as low as #1000 in this place.

(4) Afizere night club.

This is one of the busiest places in Jos at night. Fun seekers including hookers troop to this club to catch maximum fun.

Price ranges from #1500 to #5000 depending on the customer’s spending capability.

(5) Bukuru.

This area has many ‘runs girls’ who usually move from one bar to another searching for clients.

The price here depends on the hooker in question, but it ranges from #1000 to #5000.

(6) Verlain Club.

The hookers here are usually young and classy. Their services can be quite expensive since their main targets are rich men.

Price here ranges from #5000 to #20,000 depending on the spending capacity of the client.

As you go to visit these ‘runs girls’, don’t forget to use a condom properly as HIV and STD are real.

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