6 Positive Habits for a Long-Lasting Relationship

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Imagine you’re a tank and when your partner expresses positive habits of love it gets full. And when there is a lack of this love, it becomes empty. Positive habits in a relationship are as vital as the sun to the day.

It takes at least 21 days to make a habit an unconscious part of you. It soon becomes a huge part of who you are, and where a long-lasting relationship is concerned, a positive habit is something you would want to adopt.

A failed relationship could be a red flag that you’re doing something wrong. Eventually, this could ruin any chances of having a long-lasting relationship.

We all desire to have that relationship that would last forever but it’s just not foreseeable if you keep making the same mistakes.

Oftentimes, the problem is more internal than external. We get into the habit of playing the blame game for so long, we ignore signs that the blame could be on us.

When a relationship fails, there are many possible factors. As long as abuse or incompatibility isn’t in play, then you need to consider a more personal reason it didn’t work out.

Habits, as they say, can either make or mar you and this depends on what kind of habit it is. Habits, “a consistent and regular pattern of behaviour,” are either positive or negative. The more you practice them, the more they become an unconscious act.

Unconsciously, we either learn the positive habits, negative ones, or both. The negative habits can be discovered and then worked on until they become positive, so all hope isn’t lost. The trick is in learning from your mistakes and not repeating them again.

Now, to ensure you learn the right habit, we have 6 amazing positive relationship habits that are perfect for you.

Note: Sometimes the reason relationships fail could be quite the puzzle. So, don’t beat yourself up if yours don’t pull through.

1. Respect your partner

Respect goes a long way in making your partner feel secure. As they say, it’s reciprocal – so you’re not asking too much if you want to be respected as well. But begin from somewhere – you. Respect your partner and just like a smile, you would get the respect too. Expressing respect is the same thing as you expressing your love, acceptance, trust and warmth. It means you value them, and even when they are wrong, you respect their differences. Any disrespect is just you expressing the opposite of these. It’s no surprise when you hear the words, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

2. Express their love language

Relationship author Gary Chapman wrote a book on the 5 love languages. This book has helped many couples express and experience their language of love and affection. These love languages exist for you to discover what your partner’s language is and express them.

Find the love languages below:

3. Be Thoughtful

When was the last time you decided to do something thoughtful just for the sake of it? Even if you’re not that kind of person, you should be willing to compromise. A lot of people can’t see the point in small gifts but for the real romantic ones, this is quite easy. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to appreciate the one you love. Also consider the possibility that being thoughtful is not solely about the small gifts but can be about little gestures. For instance, cooking the meal, complimenting him or her, or even doing the laundry.

4. Express positive attributes about your partner

Men and women vary and so do the attributes they want from their spouse. What men want from their spouse could be the same thing that turns them off from them, when there’s a lack thereof. Therefore, ensure you know what attributes your partner wants and make them a part of you.

Find these attributes below:

5. Snuggle

How often do you spoon with your partner? Spooning releases the feel-good hormones known as the cuddle chemical or love hormone (Oxytocin). You can cuddle up, spoon or snuggle in the morning or at night. No matter what went on during the day, ensure you make this a habit.

6. Thank you

Two simple words but very powerful ones. Thank you are words that show you appreciate whatever it is that was done for you or to you. When these words are said often, it makes your spouse feel appreciated and loved.

What do you think?

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