6 Reasons Why Tinubu Will Never Be President, No. 4 Is Very Serious - Mc Ebisco 6 Reasons Why Tinubu Will Never Be President, No. 4 Is Very Serious - Mc Ebisco

6 Reasons Why Tinubu Will Never Be President, No. 4 Is Very Serious

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Most of the people who believe a former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be the next president of Nigeria are directly or indirectly connected with him. Most of them are folks who have benefitted from his largesse or are hoping to enjoy from perks from his assumption of office. People who have nothing to gain can easily think clearly about his political future. Tinubu has an unusual destiny, he is the great kingmaker who might never be king.

Below are some reasons by the Jagaban of Borgu will never smell the number one position in Nigeria in his lifetime. Maybe in his next reincarnation but not just now. The reasons are enumerated and explained below:

(1) Domination of Lagos politics:

For about 22 years, Tinubu has dominated Lagos State politics. He is the kingmaker who decides who becomes the governor as well as who gets what, when and how. The main opposition party, PDP has been relegated to the background. This has earned Tinubu several political enemies and suspicion of threats even within his closest political circles. Who will trust such a leader with a tight grip with the presidential seat?

(2) The Bullion Van Scandal

With less than a day to the presidential election of 2019, a bullion van was seen entering the house of Tinubu in Lagos. Apart from suspicions about such action during an electioneering campaign, the Nigerian money laundering laws frown at such. Till date, the scandal which is a dent on Tinubu’s reputation is yet to be unravelled. This will stand against him in 2023 as Nigerians fear corruption more than the coronavirus.

(3) The Lekki Shooting

The 20th of October, 2020 in which Nigerian soldiers allegedly opened fire on unarmed protesters at the Lekki tollgate plaza will never be forgotten in the history of Nigerian. Defenceless young Nigerians died, others maimed forever and some still missing. There are strong rumours that Tinubu had a hand in the invitation of soldiers to disperse the peaceful protesters. His business investments were attacked in Lagos by rioters as some sort of reprisal. This has affected his popularity.

(4) Corruption:

Tinubu is widely seen as a corrupt person but this allegation is not based on facts. His stupendous wealth has continued to irk Nigerians as they feel he took advantage of the resources of the state. The Alpha Beta scandals is a case in hand. As corruption allegations worked against Atiku Abubakar in 2019, the same fate might await Jagaban in 2023.

(5) Fulani Affiliation:

Tinubu was one of the brains behind the formation of the ruling All Progressives Congress. An amalgamation of political actors from different tribes. Tinubu is seen as a Pro-Hausa/Fulani politician who is wary of losing the support of the north. He hardly speaks against them and this is derailing his popularity in the South-western region.

(6) Influence of Buhari:

Buhari is expected to play a major role in who becomes his successor. This is the norm in Africa due to the presence of strong men and weak institutions. Due to Buhari’s tribal stand, it will be shocking to see him help a Southerner become president ahead of his fellow northerners. Apart from this, the Buhari-Tinubu friendship is like a forced marriage that looks good only in pictures.

These are a few major factors I have been able to come out with ahead of the 2023 presidential election. Do you disagree with me? Feel free to politely express your views and lets all talk.

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