6 Romantic Ways To Emotionally Satisfy Your Woman, No. 2 Is The Best (Details below)

It’s not rocket science to keep your lady emotionally happy. Use your brain tool well to gather signals of what your woman wants from you.

There will be a time when she will be very demanding or short-tempered, but then there may be days when she will pour out all her love and attention on you. So here is a plan designed for you so she knows you are there with her at every step, literally.

1. Heart-to-heart conversations

There will be times when you will drop clues about the “need to talk.” You have to keep your eyes open and break the ice by starting a conversation. Leave all four walls behind and go out for a cup of coffee or go for a morning or evening walk and talk to her. Find out about her day, tell her about the things that make her happy, take her to places where she feels at peace. All of these things will make her open her heart to you. Remember, communication is the most important part of any couple’s relationship.

2. Domestic support

Share the responsibilities of managing the home. Whether your partner is a working professional or a homemaker, you still need your involvement at home. In fact, your participation should increase if you have children. Shared parenting will be comforting because she won’t be the only one running with the kids all the time. Your participation in the home will comfort her and keep her emotionally happy.

3. Travel together

Make the most of the time you can rest from work and family, and spend time together. Don’t starve each other. There can be no better way to pour your love and attention on her than while on vacation together. Surprise her with a weekend getaway (if you don’t have much time available) or plan a week-long vacation together. Travel the roads of your relationship together.

4. Disdain for ogling

If you’re dating her, make sure your full attention is on her. If there’s a pretty woman crossing your line of sight, it’s best not to ogle. Why the hell would you spoil the night to see a stranger? Try to put yourself in their shoes; How would you react if she was the one looking at another man? Oh! Did we hear her heart sink at this single thought? Let’s keep things simple, folks. You have a beautiful woman by your side, treasure her.

5. Admire it

Admiration is something that makes a woman feel happy and loved. Whether he’s 25 or 50, he’ll always love compliments, especially when they come from you. So, admire your wife. Compliment her on her looks, her dress style, her smile, her eyes, and everything else. Go beyond physical attributes as well. Admire her for how she takes care of you and your family, how perfect she is for you, how you love the way she looks at you and handles all the problems that come up. All of these things are sure to make your lady feel loved and happy.

6. make her laugh

A woman wants to be with a man who can make her laugh. A sense of humor is an attractive quality in men, and we all know that women love it. So tickle her funny bone and she’s all yours. Your wife wants you to cheer her up when she’s not feeling very well.


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