6 Signals A Girl Would Give You If She Likes You

Girls rarely go through the easiest method when they like a guy. The simple or easy way would be to walk up to the guy and confess to them their feelings but girls just don’t like going through this method. Why? It is simple: there have been many reported cases of immature guys using this method against them. These Immature guys often look down on them because they think these girls can’t live without them. How Immature.

What I said in the above paragraph is the major reason why girls don’t approach guys first. So how would you know if a girl likes you? Well, it is simple. Girls often leave signals which they expect a guy to pick up and understand.

Now that you know this, you might need to know the signals I am referring to. This article would provide you with all the information about what a girl does when she likes you. The following are the signals girls give off when they like you:

1] Smiling when she is around you:


Smiling is a really great gesture, it calms nerves and it speaks volumes. If a girl likes you, there is a huge tendency she would smile everytime she is around you.

2] She would do her best to get noticed by you

This is fairly common among ladies. If they like you, they would try to best to get you to notice them. This includes but is not limited to tagging you in their pictures on social media. If she lives within your immediate environment and you guys are not connected on the internet, she would visit your area regularly in hope that you would call her aside.

3] She tends to get angry and feel sad when she sees you with another lady

Girls these days are possessive of what they have but they can be possessive of what they don’t have too. If she sees you with another girl, she is likely to get visibly angry or sad. These are jealous antics and they clearly show that she is interested in you.

4] She gets inquisitive about your relationship status

Girls who like a guy would want to know if the guy is single or not. So if you are the guy in question, expect tons of subtly arranged questions aimed at getting information about your relationship status. If you observe this, it is very likely she has feelings for you.

5] She Laughs At Your Lame Jokes

A girl who has romantic feelings for you would laugh at your jokes whether they are hilarious or not. She would make it obvious; just obvious enough for you to notice. They do this because they are happy to listen to you and not your lame, not-so-funny jokes.

6] She guides her hair backwards many times when she is with you

This is one of the cheat codes. Not many people know this. A woman playing with her hair is a psychological response to nervousness. When a girl likes you, she would get nervous when she is with you. A way to get rid of nervousness is to get their hands busy and which way is more cooler than flicking their hair. Expect this sign language from a girl who likes you.

9] She is always on her best behavior when you are around

Although this is not a vocal signal, girls tend to use it a lot. Every girl who likes you would want you to have a good impression of you. Therefore, she would always be on her best behavior around you.

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If you are smart enough, you would pick up these signals and try your luck.

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