These 6 Type Of Men Are Not Husband Material And Will Break Your Heart. Check Your Partner

Every lady wants to find ‘the one’, but before they actually meet the ‘Mr right’, they end up going through a lot of other guys who nothing close to the ‘Mr Right’.

Nonetheless, the right person is out there for you somewhere, but before you meet him, chances are you’ll have to date these less impressive guys first. Here is a list of them;

  1. The creative guy

They’re free spirits who don’t care about material things, they just want to create. It’s a beautiful, romantic, and totally unrealistic notion.

  1. The party hard

This guy is a lot of fun when you’re with him. He makes you feel alive like anything is possible. Doors magically open when he walks toward them. Don’t stay with this guy too long, though.

  1. The good-looking guy

If you find a hot guy who isn’t entirely a husband type. Nonetheless, Before you settle down, you need to date the ridiculously God-like guy, at least ones.

  1. The guy who calls for night hookups

You know it’s bad, but you just can’t resist this man. You are fully aware that nothing good is going to happen, however, you just can’t ignore the call and fun which is about taking place.

  1. The guy who teaches you something new

This guy is so wrong for you in many ways and you just don’t sync at all. Still, he teaches you new things about yourself and makes you feel special which is enough.

  1. The guy that finally breaks your heart

The guy who lets you fall head over heels for him and then mercilessly smashes your heart into a thousand tiny pieces. Having your heart broken is a rite of passage and you’ll appreciate love so much more once it’s over.


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