6 Ways to Get A Shiny and Glowing Face

Is there any celebrity or any person in your area you have always admired. the way they look and how glowing their face is.well there is no secret or magic behind they glowing. They just take good care of their face and skin. No much word read carefully below steps on how to get a glowing and beautiful face.

  1. Take your bath.

You have to bath twice a day, weather clean or not you have to. This will remove dirt and excess oil from the face which could cause acne or pimple.

  1. Exfoliate

This means removing dead cell from the body. home remedy : just get a lemon cut it, sprinkle grounded sugar on it, use it and scrub your face in circular motion. Leave for 30mins and wash off.

  1. Wear face mask: if you can’t buy it then make one. Get a raw egg, separate the white from the yoke. Apply the white on your face and cover with tissue paper allow for 45mins or more. Then remove using upward motion.

  2. Apply moisturizer:

leavung your skin without applying cream after bathing is not good. Get a good cream and rub on your body after bathing

5 exercise :

working out and exercise can help eliminate excess fat from face and body and help you manage stress

  1. get a good sleep:

you need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours sleep at night. This will remove any stress from the face.

That’s it work your way into a youthful glowing body and face

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