6 Ways To Identify A Woman That Has Feelings For You.

I’ve heard guys say, women are always stingy with their feelings. I refused to accept that. A woman can not be stingy with her feelings if she likes you. She would either admire you or not tt. She would either like or love you or not. There’s nothing like being stingy.

Women are very sensitive when it comes to who they want to give their heart to. They tend to take their decisions seriously. They don’t just test run relationship, except that there’s something she’s getting from you, she might be showing she cares but deep down it’s another thing she feels. If she has feelings for you, she will show it, no matter how strong-head she is. You will also notice she jas feelings for you.

In this article ill be showing us 6 ways to identify a woman that has feelings for you.

  1. She Will Take Care Of Your Basic Needs.

A woman would be willing to take care of a man’s needs if she has feelings for him. No doubt. But when it’s the other way round she might not. And so it’s either she has feelings for you and does things willingly or she doesn’t. If you’re fortunate to have such a woman in your life, decorate her with love. Cherish her.


  1. She Will Take You Out For Lunch.

A woman who is proud of you and has feelings for you would mind being seen around you. She would be glad to sort the bills. Such a woman is rare to find if you’ve one, that takes you out and sorts bills, my brother, treat her with ultimate affection. Love her.

  1. She Will Buy You Deodorants.

A woman that has feelings for you would always want you to smell nice. And so she would like you to smell in her favorite scent. She might go further to get you deodorant and body spray just for you to smell the way she wants.

  1. She Will Always Want To Facetime (Video Call) With You.

One of the things that makes a woman happy is seeing the one they love almost all the time. When you’re not around her, she would always want to see you, and so she might decide to put a call through to you, or she does a video call with you just to see your face.

  1. She Will Recharge Your Data.

Here is another thing a woman would be willing to do with you when she has feelings for you. She can just send you airtime without you asking her. They see this as a loving gesture that makes a man get closer to them

  1. She Will Send You Her Pictures Without Asking.

Lastly, when a woman has feelings for you, one of the things she would always be willing to do is to send you her pictures. Because she knows that when you see her looking gorgeous, you would say some sweet words to her. That way she would be happy.

Read again. Have a nice day.

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