After 6 Years Of Marriage, See The Evil Thing My Husband Does To Me Every Night

Hello Editor,

God bless you for the work you do here, please post for me and hide my ID.

I’m at the verge of leaving my marriage of 6 years. I dated my husband for close to 7years and we’ve been married for 6years now.

During our dating time till last year, our sex life has been great, we both enjoy making love to each other and I am that type of that will go out of my way to please my husband sexually and he is the same. We have 3 boys and have decided not to give birth again due to my underlying health issues. Since last year my sex drive dropped from 99% to 30%. I raised the issue to my husband and we are yet to look for solution towards my low sex drive.


Since this year it has been from one problem to another, all pointing to the fact that I no longer have urge for sex or whenever my husband come to me for some action, I will be tired or in one pain or another, he recently got me a nanny go help with our boys and house chores as we both are working parents.

Now the issue is that he keeps malice with my for days or will leave the house whenever I don’t want to have sex and he knows that this action of his kills me alot, I have called him up at the middle of night several times to discuss things but he will always tell me whether I don’t know that the primary aim of marriage is sex. He knows I was not like this before, I have chronic HPB, gall bladder stone that i am yet to get appointment for my Surgery, everyday I suffer from one health issue to another.

Last night night i was so depressed that I woke him up that I want out of the marriage since I no longer make him happy. His response is “why do I keep taking away the thing that gives him joy, if you no longer want to stay that he will not hold me back”. Is not as if I am intentionally denying him of sex, it’s just that the urge is no longer there for me. My question now is, is it only sex that keeps marriage?

Can’t couples find happiness elsewhere apart from is 39 and I am 32, he said he is too young not to be enjoying sex at this age of his life.

Should I leave the marriage so that he can find someone that can keep up with his urge, I can fend for myself and my kids comfortably. Am I taking the right decision or should I see if we can work it out.

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