“60% Of Women In A Relationship Cheat & Accidentally Have $3X With Other Men Because Of This”- Lady

The issue of people cheating with another person in a relationship, is greatly debatable on whose fault it is. But the truth is that no one will want to take the fall for it, as both of them will have some excuse for doing such immoral act.

A lady on twitter known as Monife, has given her analysis and take on the matter. According to Monife, 60% of women cheats but the blame can’t be solely placed on the woman, because the man too might be at fault in the first place. Read what she said below.

“60% of women cheat but 85% of the time it is the man’s fault. Women tend to cheat because they are not being loved properly or they have been feeling lonely for a long period of time in a relationship & so might lean on another male for support & accidentally have $3x with them.”

Ladies are emotional people, who always needs support from a man, and Monife analysis on the matter is that if a man doesn’t show enough emotional support and care to his woman, she might seek it from someone else and it may lead to cheating and other things.
What do you think about what she said? Is she right or wrong? Drop your opinion in the comments section below, like and also share.


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