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61-Year-Old Woman Laments Over Threat Of Life In Ogbomosho

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IBADAN – A 61-year-old woman, Adeye­mo Salamatu Lawal of Onil­eowo Compound, Oke Aanu Igbo Agboin, Ogbomoso has raised an alarm over inces­sant attacks by her husband’s family over failure to present him for traditional title.

The husband who has relo­cated to Mecca Saudi Arabia since 1997 vowed not to par­ticipate in any traditional re­lated things in the family and has refused to show up for few years now.

His refusal to take up the title has been of great concern for the family members who considered an attack on the mother as one of the ways to make her disclosed his where­abouts so that they can force him to take the title.

While narrating her ordeal to journalists on Friday, Mrs Adeyemo said “Any time I traveled out of the country, their belief was that I went to him in Saudi because I don’t want him to come home for the traditional rite. I traveled to America around March and since I came back, they have been launching series of physical and spiritual attack on me.”

She said further that she was first attacked on the 17th of May 2021 when some of her husband’s family members including, Adeoye Adeyemo, Ifatomi, Sangokunle Adeye­mo and a few others stormed her residence to demand the whereabouts of her husband and promised to come back if she refused to comply in one month.

Also, her assailant, who is now at large again visited her house on 10th of August to further demand for the whereabouts of his husband because they said they have the conviction that her refusal to cooperate with them was a deliberate action and in order to get her husband, she must be subjected to torturing.

She added that “They beat me with sticks and other ob­jects and my children who witnessed the ugly incident have refused to come home, because of the fear that they may be attacked again, and only one of them is linking up with me. Now I am worried about their whereabouts too.

“After they left, I was rushed to private hospital for treatment and proper medica­tion,” she added.

It was gathered that the husband’s refusal to honour the family’s call to take the traditional title was because of the fetish and blood cove­nant involved which he said is against his belief and the will of Almighty God

Mrs Adeyemo added that though she has reported the case at the police station, but the family keeps threatening to send her away from her husband house which they claimed was built on family land.

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