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65 Year Old Wife Arrest 35 Year Old Husband Over 10m Debt As Husband Insist He Has Paid In Kind

65-year-old wife arrest 35-year-old husband over 10m debt as husband insist he has paid in kind.

There is palpable tension in my street in Benin City as a 65-year-old lady arrested her 35-year-old husband. Today I was privileged to handle a case for my client at the station when I met this drama.

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The woman who is a retired civil servant and currently into international business, claims she met her husband two years ago in Frankfurt and that was how their relationship started and they got married last year.

The grandmother known as mama Adesuwa it was gathered financed her husband’s business in the form of a loan to the tune of 10m naira.

Now mama Adesuwa says her younger husband of 35 years is no longer giving her the required attention she needs in her home. She says the husband has refused to also repay her the loan he took from her.

Now mama Adesuwa demands the husband pays her the money.

This is where lies the drama as Abiodun the husband has refused to accept he owes the wife ten million naira. According to Abiodun yes the wife borrowed him the money to assist when his business needed a lifeline.

Abiodun however does not agree he owes her any money because he claims he has paid the ten million in full by offering his services to mama Adesuwa.

He says the grandmother was always disturbing him to service her every night and it was emotionally draining. He says that no amount of intimidation would make him part with a kobo to mama Adesuwa.

The IPO of the case, Inspector Osas reportedly told mama Adesuwa that it was a family matter and not a civil case. As at the time i left the police station mama Adesuwa was still in fury over the police IPO response and the response of her husband.

Abeg who is at fault here? our grandmother who gave the younger husband 10 million to invest or our kept man who agreed he received the 10 million but has allegedly paid in kind.

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