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7 Godly Attributes That Women Admire Most In Men – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, the founding and lead Pastor of David’s Christian Centre, spoke directly to the singles at Recharge Conference 2021, Global Impact Church. He revealed to them why they need to know what it means to value because it is what you do need to attract their future spouse. He explained that money is everywhere, but we are not yet assigning enough value to it.

Using the character of King David, the man of God revealed seven godly attributes that attract women to men
a) Be a hard worker

David was hardworking, according to the man of God, and despite the fact that he did not have a job, he sought labor. According to him, one of a man’s obligations is to provide for his family, and men are expected to look after their homes. “Men cannot be indolent since life is difficult for them. You must be a hard worker. Locate work, find a place where you can bring value if they don’t provide you a job “he stated


David was a leader, according to the man of God. Because he had guys with him and was in charge of them, he possesses leadership qualities. Any man who does not have money is unable to control his marriage. Leadership, he believes, is not a title, but rather a service. It is responsibility, not authority. Security is important to women; they don’t care about money; what they care about is security. It’s only that money ensures safety.
c) Live for God’s sake.

While fighting the Lord’s battle, David demonstrated that living for God entails serving God and leading a virtuous life. He stated that spiritually sound men appeal to women. The man of God encouraged them to be spiritually sound if they wanted to be an unforgettable guy since ladies sought security in spirituality. It is not necessary to have money to be spiritual; simply read your Bible and pray every day to get spiritual insight.

d) Discover divine plan and divine prophecy.

“You may not have all the money, but do you have God’s mandate?” the man of God inquired. Women are believers, he claims, and males must provide them with something to believe in. Women admire males who are endowed with divine prophecy.
e) You must have knowledge.

He was able to look out for the qualities in a woman, the man of God advised me not to do same.

f) Listen to your wife

He said that the main difference between Nabal and David was that David listened to his wife. He, on the other hand advised men that they should pay attention to their wives’ advise. Women have a unique viewpoint on everything. They have the ability to observe things from numerous perspectives. “When you don’t listen to your wife, you’re deceiving yourself. In marriage, leadership does not imply making all of the decisions; rather, it entails guiding the entire team “, he explained.
g) Pursue your wife or your woman.

Men should not abandon their pursuit of a woman just because she has accepted, according to the man of God. Women enjoy being chased. He instructed men to chase their wives even when they returned home, to the kitchen and the restroom. Money isn’t everything, so if you think money is all you need to make your marriage work, you’re kidding yourself.


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