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7 Habits That Makes You Look Older Than Your Real Age

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Aging is inevitable but there are certain things you do that can make you look older than your age. Your lifestyle and diet plays a great role in how you age. If you want to age in a healthy way, it is very important you have the right knowledge of what to as you age.

There are many people in the society who look older than their real age because of various physical signs that defies them. While there are different signs of aging, physical appearance is what most people used to judge age.

Once you begin to age, there are certain signs your body will begin to give you. Some of them include:

· Suffering from hair loss for a long time.

· You bruise easily.

· Discoloration on your chest area.

· Your waistline is increasing at an alarming rate.

· Developing sun spots all over your body.

· Struggling to hold any weight. etc.

There are certain things that can make you age faster than normal. Some of them include:

1. Stress

Stress often leads to premature aging. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety affects the body the same way anger does. With time, the signs of stress will appear in the form of dull and wrinkled skin making your look older than normal. Avoid stress and try to mediate regularly.

2. Tobacco and alcohol intake

People who smoke age faster due to their exposure to tobacco. Smoking can increase the stress in your body. Exposure to nicotine can also weaken the immune system and destroy the skin. Too much alcohol is also not healthy for you as it dehydrates your skin leaving it dull and wrinkled. Quite smoking and reduce your intake of alcohol to retain your youthful appearance.

3. Too much sugar

Too much consumption of sugar can affect your skin collagen. According to studies, too much intake of sugar can also lead to acne. Obesity and high sugar level are other effects of excess sugar consumption. Reduce your intake of sugar for the sake of your health.

4. Lack of exercise

When you don’t exercise on regular basis, it can contribute to premature aging. Regular exercise aid proper blood circulation thus making your skin to look more healthy and youthful. When you exercise regularly, it can also help to keep your muscles in great shape.

5. Too much caffeine

Too much intake of caffeine can make you look older than your age. When you take caffeine, it removes the excess moisture from the body and leaving your skin dry since it is a natural diuretic. Always consume more water and limit your intake of coffee.

6. Spending too much time staring at screens

Most people spend a lot of time on their phone or computer all through the day without the proper knowledge of its side effect. Studies have shown that the blue light that is emitted from screens can cause skin pigmentation that makes us look older too.

7. Acting angry

Your mood plays a great role in how you look. Wearing an angry face can make you seem older than you are. Smiling does a lot to your health. Find every reason to be happy always because it will go a long way to contribute to how you look.

Please adhere to the tips of this article if you want to age healthily.

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