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7 Months After Omotola’s Hip Surgery Went Wrong At A Nigerian Clinic, See Recent Pictures Of Her.


First and foremost, everybody in the world should always have this at the back of their minds “I am beautiful and handsome the way that I was created”, as it would always be a stepping stone in making the right decision about body augmentation and reconfiguration.

Surgical Operation are meant for people who had undergone an accident or the other which left them disfigured from the way they were originally created giving room to reconfiguration and augmentation.

Many Youths especially women now go ahead for reconfiguration of their body to suit their taste or that of their spouse, having full knowledge of the danger of such process and those who made it out alive would always have one or two testimonies to share if asked.

There is a Nigerian lady who is identified as Omotola, she is 28 years of age and went ahead to a Nigerian Clinic for an hip surgery which unfortunately went wrong and the after effects of it was unbearable for her.

She claimed all she wanted was reduction of her hip which would give her a sexy figure and the fat which was removed from her hips had been injection into her bumbum.

She came out to cry on social media then warning other females of visiting the Nigerian surgeon in Lekki who was identified as Dr. Anu, she claimed the fact was leaking out of her bumbum causing her severe pain.

Its been 7 months after her hip surgery went wrong, and she seem to have recovered from the ordeal as she is looking Well and stunning in her recent pictures, which means she is past that phase in her life.

People need to learn how to live to love and appreciate their body, she should be appreciative that she survived and is getting better as many others had died just based on the level of pain she had experienced after the botched surgery.

For those who are thinking of undergoing the process on a later date, it’s advisable that you desist from such, as not everyone gets lucky.

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