7 New Things a Man Should Do To Last Long

Not being able to stay on long enough is disheartening and embarrassing. Many men suffer from this, some speak up but others don’t.

So don’t worry because I have got you covered, simply read on.

There are 7 things you can do to increase your time and duration.

1). Work it out

Kegel exercise is highly recommended, if you must achieve your dream. Try working out your pubococcygeal (CP) muscles of the pelvic floor and work them out real good.

2). Limit your thrust

Try other ways to enjoy yourself, instead of just going like a jackrabbit. Discover other pleasant techniques, it will help.

3). Switch things up

Instead of sticking to one position, why not try experimenting and alternating between different styles.

4). Edging

This has to do with consciously delaying your coming and getting it under control.

5). The squeeze

If you feel your coming, gently squeeze below the head of your staff with firm pressure.

6). Ladies first

Concentrate and focus more on her, than yourself, you will be surprised how that will help you last longer.

7). Pills

There are quite a few pill that are legally accepted you can take. Go to your pharmacist, or order it online.

Eat lots of bananas and if you like bitter kola.


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