7 Reasons Why People Find It Easy To Take You For Granted In A Relationship

Well, I too have been suffering from this,so I am probably the right person to answer this question. I’m a kind of person who over love,over care and over express. If someone stays nice to me just for a single hour,that person will mean the world to me, I will begin to care about their happiness before mine and that’s where the mess begins . I am an empather. I help people whenever they need me even though I know they won’t do the same for me when I will be in some problem.

People take you for granted when you keep giving them chances to be back in your life after they’ve left you. They will feel that your life’s door is always open for them,they can enter, exit and again enter anytime they wish to. So, below are reasons why people take you for granted and why you should not allow it happen again.

  1. When in a relationship, you put in too much energy and affection

There’s nothing wrong with giving, especially when it comes to love and affection. However, if you give too much, you put others in a situation where they can easily take advantage of your selflessness, whether intentionally or not. Self-sacrifice doesn’t define your self-worth. The earlier you learn this important lesson, the better. If you are firmly convinced that the more you give in a relationship the more highly regarded you will be, you run the risk of being taken for granted by the other person. it’s because you believe that your self-worth is defined by others’ opinion about you, and not by your personal qualities. In essence, you let people take advantage of you.

  1. Not voicing out your own opinion/Faking your opinion in order to please your partner or just not to hurt them. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Your choices, your opinions are different from most and you have to acknowledge and cherish this fact. You were born with an individual personality and you have the right to state your likes and dislikes. At times, we don’t present our original feelings or try to fake them in order to impress our partner or save them from the truth. Sometimes it’s ok but if you keep doing that, people will tend to forget about your own outlook and enforce their own perceptions on you regardless of how it makes you feel. Don’t be afraid to introduce your individual personality.

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  1. Giving in to a situation/Apologising when it’s not your fault.

A lot of times we just want to save ourselves of the needless drama that a fight can create. Be it in order to avoid such fights or be it because we love that person, many times we end up apologising even when it’s not our fault. No, it’s not ok. Fabricating the truth is never an option. If you give in today, you will only be expected to give in the next time as well regardless of what the issue is leading to people taking you for granted. If you believe it’s not your fault, peacefully try and explain your situation while also acknowledging their mindset. Even if nothing works out, at least it will be established that you didn’t take the fall for it and neither will you do it again for something that wasn’t your mistake.

  1. You would rather have someone says I love you with their actions.

If every time someone tells you that they love you, you find yourself wishing for their words to match their actions, chances are you’re being taken for granted. Their words seem empty to you and you’d prefer it if they’d make you feel wanted instead.

  1. In the absence of contact, you feel sad but the other person doesn’t.

For any kind of relationship to sustain, there needs to be 2-way communication. If you’re often ghosted or ignored by your loved ones, it means they don’t really value your presence in the first place.

  1. You find yourself envying people with good relationships.

Low self-esteem and seeing others with things you don’t have is a recipe for jealousy. Feeling envious when you see other people treating their partners with kindness is normal when you don’t receive even the bare minimum. Can you relate to any of the points above? Are you the kind of person who goes out of their way to help people or are you able to say “no” to them?

  1. You love them:

This is the biggest reason why anyone starts taking you for granted. If you are expressive and told a person that what he/she means to your life, he/she will start thinking that whatever happen you are never going to go away especially when it’s an unconditional love. So, if you think that the one you love is taking you granted, it’s time to rethink about that relation.

Bottom line

Give yourself permission to walk away

Walking away from relationships isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes we can learn more from staying in a tough relationship—as uncomfortable as it is—than we can from walking away. But there are times when the strongest thing we can do is walk away. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, this can actually be best for both people in the relationship.

Someone who is taking you for granted is getting off the hook, too. What they are stealing from you is preventing them from discovering what they have to give. what you are giving to them is preventing you from seeing what you truly have to offer.

Letting go gives everyone the opportunity to look inside of themselves.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is this: nobody can take you for granted unless you let them.

Give yourself permission, when you are giving a relationship more than you are getting from it, to walk away. This is not selfish. You aren’t being needy. You are being brave. You are holding onto yourself at all costs—the most valuable thing you have. You are so very strong.

You do not have to stay trapped in relationships that are stealing your energy and your joy. You can end the pattern. It is not easy, but it is possible.

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