7 Romantic Questions To Ask The Girl You Have Feelings For That Will Bring You Much Closer

Most time men find it difficult to ask the the girl they have feelings for questions. However it is very important you ask the girl you have feelings for questions so that it would bring you both closer. In this article you will see some romantic questions you can ask the girl u have feelings for.

1)Ask her about the things that make her happy. Whatever it is try to make it up to her.

2)Ask her the name of the love song that comes to her heart any time she remembers you. Whatever she answers you make it up to her.

3)Ask her whether she likes you when she met you for the first time,whatever she says make it up to her.

4)Ask her when did she started developing feelings for you. This kind of question will flash her back to when she met you,to the beginning of your relationship. This question will bring both of you tight than before.

5)Ask her how much did she loves you,she will smile before she answers you. She will probably give you the right answer.

6)Ask her what what makes her accept you as her man.

7)Ask to to tell you those things that makes her comfortable around you.

As a man always makes your girl happy always,so that your relationship will be so save.

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