7 Signs She “Might” be a Gold Digger

The struggle for a financial breakthrough is finally over, and probably you think it is time you settle down with a woman and have kids, but you fear to meet the hot, classy, and elegant gold digger.

Here are some tips to find out if one is a gold digger;​

She is curious about your economic caliber

She is extraordinarily interested in your career, wants to know what are the digits in your paycheque to make sure you can sustain her through the relationship.

You always pay the bill

She will never help you settle the bills after a beautiful date. She is there to suck you dry.

She loves men with high status

Question her about her previous boyfriends, and you will discover that they all had fancy cars with lavish apartments, and you are her present victim.

Asks for expensive gifts

She never adores the little simple things you do for her all that she wants is a fancy car and wishes you expensive houses in the most luxurious estate of which is mistaken for elegance.

She has no long term achievements

A gold digger always walks around desiring and thinking about the good life but can never lift a finger to work for it.

You are her step to advancement

Since she never wants to work hard and earn her way to the top, you are her stepping stone to financial stability.

Her friends are gold diggers

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Observe the types of friends she keeps around. She is likely to have adapted such behavior from her friends.


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