7 Signs That Shows He Likes You But Does Not Know How To Tell You

Sometimes it is hard for people to express how they truly feel about another person. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

Here are some signs to know that a guy likes you as a lady but won’t spell it out;

  1. His frequent use of terms of endearment. He is always calling you pet names at every given time. That’s him trying to squeeze his way into your heart.

  2. He speaks softly to you. If you have to tell him to raise his voice when he speaks to you so you can hear him, chances are that he likes you because how do you explain his voice suddenly changing when he speaks to someone else.

  3. He keeps saying stuff like “whoever you marry will be lucky to have you”. He’s not just being nice, he’s trying to pass the message to you subtly about how he sees you.

  4. He keeps talking about how the woman he will marry will enjoy. That’s him doing self-promo to get your attention.

  5. If you stay apart and he keeps asking for your pictures; he’s probably storing them so he can put a face to every reaction he senses over the phone

  6. He’s trying to convince you of certain decisions. Like why you should have more kids or why you should visit some countries, or how Canada is better than Australia. That’s his way of finding out your likes.

  7. He keeps telling you about the skills he has; how he is a great cook, a go-getter, future billionaire.

Now, this is a purs advertisement to win you over. Remember, the make folks are smooth talkers.

If you notice these signs, then he like you.

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