The 7 Signs: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You But Is Trying To Hide It




You want to make a move but you’re not sure what to do, she might like you but is hiding her feelings from you. Many girls are not straight forward with their feelings because they’re shy, afraid that you might not like her, scared to have her heart broken or unsure if you’re the right one.

She’s scared to make mistakes so she analyzes if she should make a move but for you this is the right time to make a move when are emotions are high that’s why it’s important for you to know if she likes you and trying to hide it.

7 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying To Hide It





  1. She argues with you about stupid things

Depending on your relationship, if she’s a friend she will tease you a lot and this is a sign she likes you but since she’s trying to hide her feelings she will argue with you about stupid things.

  1. She’s flirty over text

She likes you but is scared of rejection and getting hurt that’s why girls can be low-key around you but flirty over text because with texting she feels less restricted and can end the chat anytime she like when things don’t go well

  1. She always Apologizes

Most people find it difficult to say I’m sorry when they’re wrong but no one say’s sorry as much as she does to you. She doesn’t want to mess things up so she apologizes because she likes you a lot

  1. She remembers the smallest details

She knows when you’re wearing something new, a new change in your hairstyle, your unique gestures, even your handwriting. Girls remember things that are important to them especially something that has to do with their emotions.

  1. She’s sends you a text but claims it was a mistake

This is actually just because she want to start a conversation with you , she might follow it up with “WHAT’S UP?” Anyway and if she doesn’t, you ask her how she’s doing. She’s trying to play it cool and not look to eager to talk to you.

  1. She’s always there for you

She’s the first one to check out on you when you miss out on class or an event. When she knows you’re going through a tough time or even a simple problem. It’s hard to be there for someone you don’t have feelings for. If this kind of girl is into you, she’s a girlfriend material.

  1. She’s Attentive when you talk

She always listen to you when you talk because she’s interested in knowing everything about you. When she’s taking with you she’ll nod at you a lot to let you know you’re on track, this is a signal she’s trying to please you.

With everything you have read, you should not wait too long to figure out if she likes you or not.

The more you’re concerned with your feelings the more you become insecure and girls always want guys that are secure with themselves so instead be proactive and she if she likes you by asking her out.

If she say’s no, it’s okay. Focus on what really matters in your life and the right girl will come.

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