7 Terrible Mistakes Every One Should Avoid During Their Wedding Ceremony

Every man and woman who don’t wish to become a priest or Reverend sister always anticipate for the day of their wedding ceremony. It is a day in which you can officially call your man or woman husband or wife respectively. Wedding days comes with much joy and happiness but for others it turns out to be their worst days. It is a day in which they don’t pray to remember in their life history.

Wedding ceremony turns out to be worst when couples fails to do some necessary preparations for their wedding event. If you want your wedding day to be a remarkable one, please stop doing these things, to prevent stories that touch.

1. Having family members picking monies from the floor

Don’t allow your family members to pick the money sprayed on you during your wedding ceremony. Instead someone outside the family should do that. In some cased, strangers are to be trusted than your family members who might try to claim dominion over the money.


2. Having just one venue

They have been scenarios where the venue paid for wedding celebration are given to another person mistakenly or because the other person paid higher than you did. For this reason they should be a proposed second venue for the event.

3. Not treating both families equally

Never treat your groom or bride’s family like trash even when they are not financially boyant as your family. Treat your inlaws as if you are both in the same class.

4. Allowing a more beautiful girl to be your chief bridesmaid

As a bride you should be the most beautiful lady in your wedding occasion, your chief brides maid shouldn’t be more beautiful than you so that all attention shouldn’t be on her. In most scenario, she may get attracted to the groom.

5. Don’t invite ex boyfriends and ex boyfriends.

Don’t make the mistake of inviting your former boyfriend or girlfriend. They can scatter the wedding programme without your knowledge.

6. Coming late to the church

Coming to church late for your wedding programme can lead to cancellation of wedding. It is painful for your invited guest to avail themselves early for your sake and you ended up coming late for the event. Even the minister who is supposed to perform the marital rites might be pushed to the wall.

7. Depending on a food source and drinks delivery

When you rely largely on one source of drinks and foods then you are mistaking a big mistake. These can cause quarels over limited food and drinks distribution among wedding guest.

To make your wedding day a historical one, try to make food and drink sources plenty so that people can eat, drink and have fun.

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That is the advise I have for people who are at the verge of getting married.

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