7 Things a Man Should Not Tolerate From a Woman.

Tolerance is a virtue everyone ought to seek for, especially in a relationship “. There is nothing like a perfect man or perfect woman. Unless you want to be alone there are certain behaviors you must tolerate in your partner. Nevertheless there are things a man should not tolerate in a woman Although tolerance is a good attribute to a relationship but sometimes there are habits a woman ought to change and not to be tolerated.

As a man when you give room to accommodating bad habits from a woman, you will be settling for less than what you deserve. In my own philosophy I believe when you tolerate people alot you are telling them how to treat you. Sometimes you need to speak out and say no to ill treatment. As a man there are things you should not tolerate from a woman. Some of these things are.

  1. Disrespect.

The only love language men understand is respect. A woman is oblige to respect her man while the man is oblige to love his woman. A man should not tolerate disrespect from his girlfriend or wife. Men are egotistical in nature, they protect their ego with every thing they have. When a woman disrespect a man, he sees it as a attack to his ego. Call her to order when you sense any form or disrespect in her character.

  1. Abuse.

The society mostly emphasize and speak against the abuse of women in a relationship. Neglecting that of men. Which is very wrong, men can also be abuse by their wives or girlfriends. No man should tolerate a woman who physically or emotionally abuse him.

  1. Yelling and Nagging.

According to the book of Proverbs 27:15 “A quarrelsome wife is like the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm”. In a world where a man is fighting for survival, he deserves peace from his woman. Nagging is the reason why a man will want to find solace in the arm of another woman. As a man if you don’t want to end up as a cheat, never tolerate a woman who naggs or yell at you. A woman should learn to be calm and persuasive, when speaking to her man. That is the fastest way to his conscience.

  1. Insult.

No matter how angry you are as a woman, don’t use abusive words on your man. Insults is something men don’t tolerate. It’s ignite anger in them and some of them lose control and end up beating their women. If you don’t want the habit that will lead you to beating a woman, don’t tolerate insults from her. When you observe that habit in her, call her to order immediately through a understanding communication.

  1. Comparison.

Every man is created differently and Unique. It’s is very rude and unacceptable for a woman to compare her man with other men. No man should tolerate a woman who does that. A woman comparing a her man with other men, signifies he isn’t man enough her. As a man don’t tolerate such habit from a woman. If she isn’t contented with you, let her go.

  1. No Regard for his Family.

In Africa settings when a woman is getting married to a man, she is virtually getting married to his family. She have no right to disregard his family members. A man should not tolerate a woman with such habit.

  1. Rudeness

A woman who rude towards her man by screaming at him for no apparent reason, should not be tolerated. Rudeness is another form of disrespect. As a man don’t allow a man to be rude to you, the moment she start exhibit that bad manner call it to her attention immediately. You are not a Dustin for any woman to throw anything at.

Tolerance is one attribute every man must possess. But there is a limit to what a man can tolerate. As a man don’t condoles so many bad habits in a woman to the detriment of your happiness.

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